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All activities performed at each East Pioneer Mould division are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

East Pioneer Mould quality management system is designed to assure superior quality and service. This system is specifically developed to assure attention to detail, consistent documentation and unsurpassed overall product quality and reliability.

These systems include:

1. Project review: it include the part design analysis, mold structure design and machining verification, mandatory documented quality planning for every project.
2. To check  the supplier qualification
3. To check the resource of the raw material.
4. To check every step during the mold making.
6. Sample inspection
7. Checking before shipping.
8. Internal auditing to assure our system remains in compliance.

The Quality Management representatives at East Pioneer Mould provide expertise developed through years of education and experience. Division managers have developed their own quality team specifically trained and experienced in their division's manufacturing field. These teams include quality engineers, quality technicians and inspectors.



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