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East Pioneer Mould engineers can help you to create a new component, to bring your design concept to market, and to improve an existing component. They are very active in developing the parts and processes to assist with our customers' success.

We have 40 experienced engineers who are responsible for part & mold design and project management. With over 15 years experience in plastic product and mold making and designing, East Pioneer Mould can offer a breadth of consultative knowledge and expertise which can save you significant engineering time and cost. With our advanced CAD/CAM/CAE systems, such as Pro-Engineer, Solid works, UG, Cimarron, Mold Flow, Auto CAD in mold design, manufacture and analyses, we can provide you most of different types of files (DXF, DWG, PRT, X_T, IGES, STEP, SLDPRT, etc). We can accept your initial concept in a wide range of formats from rough paper drawings to 2D or 3D CAD models. We can provide you Mold Flow Analysis including analysis of wrap, cooling, fill time, temperature, air trap, welding lines, shear rate, shrinkage etc. Generally, we can complete all mold design drawings in 2-4 days by our advanced 2D&3D CAD/CAM software.

Our project engineers always tie up with the designing/ Manufacturing and Quality Department, They have abundant experience in the projects following. And they can communicate with customers on any engineering issues. To guarantee the project goes smoothly, we also adopt the project management model in managing orders. All projects are guided by project leader who can effectively manage tooling progress and set down reasonable schedule to shorten the lead time, lower the cost and fully utilize resources.For customers’ supervision, East Pioneer Mould will send the Weekly progress report with mold processing status pictures for each project to the customers timely. It ensures that our customers can get the latest detailed information on the progress of the project.




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