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5 new high speed CNC machines investment in 2018
Editor: | Classification:News and Information | Time:2018-9-17 | Hits:2351

In 2018 according to the investment plan EPM purchased 5 new high speed CNC machines, including 1 set of 5-Axis high speed CNC machine from APEC (2000*2500*1350/24000RPM), 2 sets of high speed CNC machines from TAKUMI (1350*950*600/24000RPM, 1600*1300*700/24000RPM) , 2 sets of high speed CNC machines from FANUC(500*400*330/24000RPM),now all are working well in constant temperature workshop. Totally there are 25 sets of CNC, which enhanced EPM’ machining capability and precision.

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